5 things that stop people implementing good ideas

We all have dreams and aspirations which are often put on the back-burner as our realities in life take over. A dream will remain just that, unless you act on it, an idea will also remain just that unless you act on it. I appreciate its hard at times to know where to start, or perhaps you know where to start. So, what stops you from putting your wheels in motion?

Fear - of the unknown, fear of failure or embarrassment. I have come to learn that in certain situations; fear is natural and actually quite healthy. People fall, they get back up again. If it goes wrong, learn from it and try again. A lack of fear demonstrates perhaps a lack of caution. About 20 years ago I was given a book called ‘Feel the fear and do it anyway' by Susan Jeffers. I found it very useful back then and today when I feel fear the book title comes to mind every time. It causes me to pause, take a step back and think rationally about the situation and whether to take the leap. I did and in 2013 I started my business Elizabeth James Art Ltd. One of my better ideas.

Procrastination - that old chestnut, where we put off today and assert we will do it tomorrow, whatever it is. We are all guilty of it. I can't count the number of times I catch myself procrastinating. We are at times our own biggest critics, but sometimes it's necessary to just get on with it. My inner conscience pipes up and says ‘that batch of prints can be signed and numbered in under 15 minutes if you just bite the bullet and knuckle down’, and that usually does the trick. At work with multiple tasks needing my attention or a creative project to get underway, I ponder a little then it's time to dive in, take it a step at a time. I am usually pleasantly surprised whilst a little miffed over the time I wasted procrastinating.

Finance - can seem like such an ugly word. It can stop us all in our tracks. You have a great concept / product and a lack of finances or perhaps more pressing financial commitments preventing you from taking it further. I feel very optimistic about 2016. There are many crowdfunding platforms out there where you can pitch your idea, test the water and start to create a buzz and momentum about your idea along with valuable feedback and hopefully financial backers who believe in your pitch, the world is your oyster! It is lots of hard work, dedication and commitment. You really need a team of people willing to get behind your idea for the duration of your campaign that are committed, have time and are willing to spread the word. I used Kickstarter for my Signature Splash of Colour - Luxury Silk Cushion campaign. By the end I had a handful of financial backers, some loyal customers and friends that helped spread the word, but I sadly didn't reach my target. It really is something you should research and plan for at least 6 months prior to going live. there are companies out there that can handle your campaign for a fee. I didn't reach my target but I didn't give up either!

Pigheadedness- showing unreasonable support for an opinion or plan of action. Refusing to change or listen to different opinion - .

Being a self taught artist isn't easy. I remember when I had my very first solo exhibition in 2011, back in the planning stages an artist friend of mine would ask what's the theme? I didn't get the importance of one. I just wanted to show my work. He kept asking and eventually I realised it was needed to help tell the story, convey my message and give it a background, purpose or meaning for the story to be told and interpreted. It took a while but I got there in the end.

Ignorance - really isn't bliss at all. Again, with all the technology and resources we have available to us today, NOW is the time to get resourceful, ask questions and dig, that's what Google is for after all. It's all out there we just have to tap into it, keep searching, rephrase your questions and mis-spell deliberately. Education is key! #doityourself

This post was inspired by Entrepreneur Revolution - Daniel Priestley

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