Magnificent Majorca

Updated: Apr 24

Well, one thing is for certain, the Covid-19 pandemic has given us all space to take stock of things, reassess what is important to us and prioritize.

For me personally I have realized there is so much of the world I am yet to explore with my camera. I have so many ideas for places I want to visit like The Maldives, Mexico, Thailand, Dominica and a place I have been to many times in Spain.

In 2019 I was fortunate to have 2 trips to Majorca, I stayed in Cala D’or and was blown away by its beauty. I am a Pisces so I am drawn to the sea, so I planned for me to go on a boat trip every other day and I was able to get some wonderful shots. It was a glass bottomed boat that boarded right next to my hotel on the beach.

On my first visit in May 2019 I knew I had fallen in love and knew I had to return repeatedly so I could really get to know Majorca as I was only seeing a small part of its beauty. I returned in October and explored further with the boat rides. I stayed 10 days and the weather was amazing, the air was clean, the sky was blue, golden sand everywhere and crystal clear waters. The vegetation was lush beautiful colours that contrasted and complemented, it gave me a sense of weightlessness and freedom. I had permission to slow things down and take in the visual feast that is Majorca.

On the last day of my October trip the weather changed, the skies opened up with torrential rain, thunder and lightning which meant my return flight was cancelled.

I had flown with British Airways and they put me up for the night the lovely 4*FERGUS Spa hotel on the beach in Calvia which was a place I hadn’t been before. The staff were amazing and the room I was in was much more that I was expecting. I just wish I had more time to enjoy the facilities, we were given a lovely breakfast free of charge also. Unfortunately I only had a few hours there but I will return, maybe this year....

A few months later the pandemic ravished the world. Everything had to shut down. Including my art gallery, travel and socializing is banned and we have all had to change our lives and adapt to a new way of living.

Hopefully some of us have used the time wisely whilst we are forced to evaluate our own personal circumstances and problems, maybe some have decided its time to make a change and put into effect all the things we wanted to do, people we took for granted and make a change.

I am looking forward to returning to Majorca and documenting the changes in the natural environment and how lockdowns have had influence on nature on the island and how the residents have had to adapt under pandemic restrictions. What effects did it have on the wildlife and what benefits they have seen for the duration. How Covid19 has altered their culture and beliefs and overall way of life. I want to explore with my camera as a travel photographer and really continue to document in my own special way what has changed and how things change going forward on what feels like my second home, the stunning Island of Mallorca in Spain.

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